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The solar panels are up and running, providing delicious renewable electricity for us.  We’ll do an update on the details of the system and how well it works on the road in another blog or better yet, in a podcast – stay tuned!

So the dreaded change-of-season cold has hit us all, first it got Sky, then Sugati, Sirena fell victim next and finally Chris got it the worst.  Just once, it would be nice for a cold to not attack all four of us, but alas, it seems inevitable.

We are still parked in the same place, with our gracious hosts Milo, Laura and Dave.  We are sleeping on the bus full-time and are happy to say that our humanure ( composting toilet is fully functional.  Transitioning to life on the bus has been mostly smooth, with a couple chilly nights (pre-heater) and some uncomfortable sleeping arrangements.

We have some great pictures up on our flickr bus page, check them out there!

We’ll be giving a Mobile Sustainability workshop at Alchemy Juice Bar in Hartford next Saturday, October 4th.  We’ll send out an official announcement as soon as we work out the details.

We’re so happy to have heard from The Phillips Clan in Ohio!  They are looking forward to a visit from us in the bus and have offered to help us in the search for waste veggie oil in their area (the main thing we’ll be needing to move our trip along).  While there, we’ll do a workshop for Carly’s class on using veggie oil as fuel.  Cool!

Enjoy the photos, leave a comment, drop us a line at and we’ll see you on the road, friends