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The Water BringerA significant amount of time on the ReBus is intentionally and necessarily focused on living sustainably.  I’m so intrigued and satisfied with this mindful lifestyle, I’m going to share what we are learning on this journey.


Know Your Water


Watch the film, FLOW.  It’s an acronym meaning For Love Of Water, this movie delves into the most important issue we will certainly face in our lifetime, certainly many are facing a lethal water crisis right now.  There are children dying in this world purely because of lack of access to clean water.  Let me repeat that – Children are dying because of unclean water!  If this was a new problem, I might be inclined to think that humanity just working on the problem and the solution is coming soon.  But that’s not the case, is it?  People living in poor places are forced to drink water befouled by animal waste (human and non-human), toxic chemicals, plastics, heavy metals, fuels, bacteria and other toxins that can lead to death.  Governments and corporations knowingly allow this to happen and, to be frank, cause this to happen.  If the global killers would just stop killing (warfare) for one day, and put that killing money toward providing clean water systems for the world, the problem would be solved.  Seriously, watch FLOW if you haven’t yet.


Oh yeah, did you know that there is an island of garbage, twice the size of Texas, in the Pacific Ocean?  It’s eighty percent plastic and most of that is thanks to the plastic water bottles people think contain clean, fresh water.  Think again…


This evening on the ReBus, I’m writing this on a laptop that uses too much energy when charging – so while using it on it’s dimmest setting, I charge it for 5 minutes and then unplug it until it almost runs out of power and then charge it again.  I’m in the ‘bedroom’ that’s being illuminated by two single LED bulbs and the dim glow of the MacBook screen.  It’s raining, and today I’m appreciating it more than usual.  You see, I just did the evening’s dishes and have been very attentive to the amount of water that gets used by this family of four.  On the bus, the water that goes down the drain collects in a three gallon bucket that I empty when it’s at about 2 2/3 gallons (don’t want to spill any…) so I’m constantly aware of how much water we use.  This mindset also makes me intensely aware of how much water I use when washing dishes.  I won’t bore you with the details, but just know that I’ve put a lot of thought into the best way to conserve water on this bus we call home.


That’s the most important thing I think we can all do when it comes to water.  Pay attention to how much we use.  We make a conscious action every time we open a faucet and let the water flow…  And if we all can bring a little consciousness to all we do, we might make some progress toward finding a way to bring healthy, life-giving water to the children of the world.  Sounds good doesn’t it?


– Chris




Plastic Garbage Island