The ReBus in Alchemy's Parking Lot

The ReBus in Alchemy's Parking Lot

Two nights ago we started living in the ReBus again in the parking lot of Alchemy’s Growing Green CoOp! 

After a day of cleaning and organizing the bus, we were so delighted to have The Kelvins’ extended family come and sit on the back deck at the CoOp and enjoy the company of good friends, fine food and drink, and the inevitable jam that followed.  With Gary, The Flute Guy, and Sugati jamming along on zills, it was like Kelvins meet Nada Dum Ka (Nada Dum Kelvins?)

Now we’re finishing up the final touches on the ReBus – Gathering sawdust, organizing all the stowage spaces, putting on cabinet doors, making screens, returning library books and whatever else needs to be done before we head out.  Imani and John are amazing, gracious hosts and this eclectic paradise they’ve created here in Hartford is a wonderful place for us to be in the bus for now.  If you’re in the market for a switch to green cleaners, I’d highly recommend the WowGreen cleaners that they have at Alchemy.  We used them to clean the bus and the transformation was amazing!  Please stop in at Alchemy Juice Bar and see all the amazing stuff going on here.

The Eco Drom journey is about change, similar to the change that Alchemy exhibits – instead of lead into gold, they turn food into wellness.  It is so important that we begin living in such a way that will bring about a positive change for the planet.  As we change our daily routine to one that respects ourselves and all other life on this planet,  we change the way we see ourselves.   We see that we are beautiful and deserve all the love the world has to offer. This is our journey of self-discovery (on a bus), but remember that you can join us wherever you are- we can all make more sustainable choices!