by Sugati

Interior Wall by Sugati

We have made the decision to stay through the New Year.  As it turns out, we have family coming to Connecticut for the holidays and it makes the most sense to stay and connect with everyone here all together!

The bus is pretty much ready to go.  We have a few more connections to make for the auxiliary veggie oil system and some ongoing detail work to do.  The solar system is doing well even under these cold conditions and very little sunlight.  Our last modifications seem to have done the trick.

It is COLD on the bus!  We never designed the bus to operate in temperatures below freezing.  This weather impacts us many levels.  It is uncomfortably cold sleeping on the bus whenever it gets below 25 degrees – Laura and Dave’s spare bedroom was a welcome relief on Monday night.  The storage batteries do not perform at their best in this weather, nor does the veggie oil fuel system.  We’ll deal with each day as it comes while we’re still here and just look forward to getting to warmer, sunnier parts of the country…

Still, if you want to stop by and check out the bus, have a cup of tea, or play with any of us, we’d love to see you.  We plan on being in the area through the first weekend in January.  While you’re here, leave a comment – we love the comments!  Drop us a line at and we’ll see you on the road, friends.  Check out some of our new photos on flickr, too!


Too Cold for the Bus!

Too Cold for the Bus!